A letter from the wife of Shaker Aamer

by Zinneera Aamer
Since 13 February 2002, Shaker Aamer has been detained without charge or trial in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Despite being cleared for release by the United States Department of Defense, he continues to languish at the detention camps even though the UK government has specifically requested his release. 
The plight of Shaker’s family has been one of severe trauma throughout the last 11 years. His youngest son, Faris, has never met his father and still continues to wonder what such a relationship means to this very day. In this exclusive letter to CagePrisoners, Zinnera Aamer writes of the pain and suffering her family have been forced endure.
Assalamu Alaikum, Peace be with you brothers and sister.
And greetings to all from my husband Shaker Aamer.
By the grace of Allah we are coping, and I am grateful for having my children as they are my life at the moment. They keep me going when the days are sad and long, and I thank Allah for that. What is a happy life? I ask myself this question over and over again. I cannot begin to explain my deeper thoughts as there is so much going through my mind while I am writing this, nevertheless I will try. We always seem to want more, and me wanting to be with my husband is not much to ask. Everyone deserves to be with those they love, and value what life brings.
Sometimes it feels like life has frozen and I can’t seem to see myself escape from what I feel. The times we shared, although it was only 5 years into our marriage, will forever be cherished. It all feels like a dream. Shaker not being here has had a very big negative impact on our life as a family. I have had to handle his responsibilities as well as mine, and this causes me a lot of stress. I am grateful that I have my family, and his family for support, but there is only so much one can do, and all of them have their own responsibilities. Shaker was always there for me and my children emotionally and physically. He was a loving husband and a father. Without him, we have been through a lot of ups and downs.
He was at the wrong place at the wrong time when the most terrible event in history for us took place. Shaker was there to help the poor in Afghanistan, but he himself became the victim of injustice. When I think about it, it saddens me deeply.
In his letters he encourages me to be strong, and carry on, and that he will be home soon. I keep on hoping and waiting for the day that justice will be done to my husband and my family. Life is very challenging, but I keep telling myself that he will be home soon and everything will be ok, but it isn’t, and the sadness and the misery has been accumulating for 11 years. My children ask me ‘Mum, are we the most suffering family in this world?’ I feel so helpless and I wish I could do something to change our situation. I feel sad that Faris has never seen his dad. He loves playing with the toys that Shaker bought for my other children, they are very special to him.
Children have a right to be with their parents; this is a basic human right. My children were attached to their father and him being removed from their life is a total injustice. I wish for my children what any mother would, their father to be reunited with them before it’s too late. He has been cleared for release and still kept there in Guantanamo and tortured ruthlessly. We are always anxious and always hoping for a miracle.
It will be in the interest of the children for him to be home so that they may revive that relationship they once had. My youngest child Faris would be able to build something new, a relationship he never had. This is an opportunity to set matters right as the British government is known for its justice system therefore it’s crucial for it to prove itself in this regards. I plea with every teardrop I shed, free Shaker and bring back my children’s smile, “PLEASE BRING MY HUSBAND HOME”.
From the wife of Shaker Aamer
Zinneera Aamer

SOURCE: Cageprisoners

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