4theMuslims.com is an online Islamic campaign and propagation website that aims to spread the true Islam through publication of articles, e-books and multi-media using trusted and authentic sources. We aim to contribute to the community by raising the plight of the injustices of Muslims by way of publishing campaigns, action alerts and petitions.

We are not affiliated with any groups, sects, Mosques or Islamic organisations and we’re financially independent; thus we do not receive payment for our work. However, we do request financial support through advertising and donations in order to improve our dawah and website and to give monetary charity to Muslim individuals and organisations who need it. 4themuslims.com will be transparent as to how our donations are spent and we ask Allah (azza wa jal) to aid us and bless our endeavours, ameen.

Please support us by spreading the word of our site, supporting the campaigns, signing and circulating  our petitions and sharing anything beneficial we do. Alternatively, you can join us on Facebook at (www.facebook.com/4themuslims1) and invite your friends to join us too.

We ask you keep all Muslims in your duas, especially our oppressed brothers and sisters and continue to seek true Islamic knowledge and share it insha’Allah. Barakallahu feekum.


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