Is your material copyright? Can I use your written educational material?

No. We believe in correct Islamic material being distributed without any restrictions. Therefore,You are granted the right to use and display all the information on this site without any consent from the site maintainer(s). You may copy, distribute, print, link to any document, or translate to any language without changing the meaning of the contents, as long as you place reference for the original source and place reference for 4theMuslims.com.

Is 4theMuslims.com a registered charity organisation?

Not at the moment, although we aim to be a registered charity in the future in-shaa-Allah (God willing)

Do you condone terrorism? Because you campaign for Muslims accused of terrorist activities.

We do not condone or support any form of terrorism as this is inhumane and against the teachings of Islam. It is our duty to aid our Muslim brothers and sisters in need and we are firm believers of innocent til proven guilty! The Muslims we campaign for have either never gone to trial or been convicted for their alleged crimes and the ones that have been convicted have been so due to false confessions by torture or a weak pile of evidence used against them.

But you also campaign for some Muslims who have been tried and found guilty for terrorist crimes. Doesn’t this mean you support terrorism?

No. We campaign for such Muslims because secret and/or a lack of evidence was used against them; they were tried in an illegitimate court or because methods of torture were used against them to confess to their alleged crimes.

Do you moderate and/or delete comments?

Yes, in cases whereby we receive abusive or disrespectful comments or spam. We wish to publish beneficial comments and seek to promote civilized and respectful discussion between others so offensive and violent language will not be tolerated.

Can I write for you?

We wish to expand our team of contributors and accept written submissions. We will consider all written material for publication on the condition that references from the Quran and sunnah are provided and in some cases we may offer you editorial support before publishing your work. Please contact us to send in your submissions.

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