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ahmed diini


Ahmed Diini, a Dutch national and former British resident, currently detained in Maltepe district Istanbul since 24 March 2014.

Ahmed was residing with his family in Egypt, when he was arrested in the middle of the night, having his family frightened and violated by Egyptian authorities and his laptop and phone confiscated.

He was detained by the Egyptians for 8 months and subjected to severe physical and psychological torture. During that time, it is reported that he was also visited by the British authorities who attempted to recruit him as an informant in exchange for his freedom.

After 8 months of detention, Mr Diini was finally released without charge and ordered to leave Egypt. He took the first plane to return to his family in the Netherlands. However, he was rearrested while he was in transit in Turkey upon an extradition warrant from the United States. If Mr Diini is extradited to the US, he will be detained in pre-trial solitary confinement for several years, conditions described by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez as amounting to torture.

Mr Diini has now been persecuted for many years with the complicity of at least three states (Egypt, the United Kingdom and the United States of America) in circumstances where he has never been charged with an offence and where no evidence has ever been produced against him.


1. Ahmed Diini was released from Egyptian prison without charge

2. The MI5 harassment as a method of recruitment must stop

3. UK governments complicity in torture and abuse of Western nationals abroad should not be allowed

4. This potential extradition suggests that the CIA rendition program was never terminated but simply readjusted


Read AHMED DIINI EXTRADITION IMMORAL AMID BRITISH TORTURE COMPLICITY CLAIMS and How a Muslim Who Refused to Become a M15 informant Ended Up Being Tortured And Now Facing A Life Sentence in the US

Please continue to pray for Ahmed and his family, barakAllahu feekum.

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