Citizens’ anti-vice patrol leader helps police officer to handcuff violent drunk

A YOUTH worker who is leading an anti-vice citizens’ patrol in Derby dragged a drunken man off a policeman he was attacking.

Uthman Ali said he “acted on instinct” when he saw the man punching the officer in a late-night assault in Normanton Road.

The 27-year-old said he ran over to the struggle and grabbed the drunk in a headlock and pulled him to the floor.

He said this enabled the policeman to get out his handcuffs and get his attacker under control.

And Mr Ali’s actions have been recognised by the force which thanked him for going to the officer’s aid.

At the time of the incident, at 11.45pm on Monday, Mr Ali was leading a patrol of around 20 residents as they try to force prostitutes and kerb crawlers away from the streets of Normanton.

He said: “I don’t feel like a hero at all. I was just acting on instinct trying to help the policeman who was being attacked.

“Our patrol noticed there were two men, who were clearly drunk, arguing with a man at the entrance to an arcade on the corner of Normanton Road and Loudon Street.

“Two police officers came walking to the scene and we carried on walking down the road. “Suddenly I heard this scuffle and I looked back to see one of the men punching one of the officer.

“I ran back and grabbed him in a headlock from behind and dragged him to the floor so the officer could cuff him.

“I got his second arm behind his back and the officer got him under control.

“He thanked me for helping him but I think anyone would have done the same.”

Mr Ali, who is formerly of Normanton but now lives in Littleover, is one of a group of residents who have set up nightly patrols to deter sex workers and drug dealers from doing business near their homes.

Community members living in the Normanton Road area have taken the action after seeing an increasing number of prostitutes and kerb crawlers in the area.

Those who patrol say they are not a vigilante group and they feel residents have been too frightened to walk down the street because of the problems and want to make the area feel safe using peaceful persuasion.

A force spokesman confirmed that two people had been arrested following Monday night’s incident and were due before magistrates in Derby on August 24.

He said: “Two officers were on patrol on Normanton Rd at 11.45pm on Monday night.

“They encountered two men drinking alcohol in the street and they tried to seize the drinks from them.

“The men became abusive and disorderly and refused to hand the alcohol over.

“A group of passers-by came to assist the officers, helping them to get the two men under control so they could be handcuffed safely.

“The men were arrested and have now been charged with being drunk and disorderly. They have bail conditions not to enter Arboretum Park and certain streets in the Normanton area, which are known to be used by street drinkers.

“Supt Gary Parkin would like to thank the residents for the assistance they provided to our officers.”




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