CTS Act: British Muslims living abroad should not return to the UK (unless necessary)

brit-valuesSome of the things British Muslims living abroad (in Muslim countries), miss the most about the UK (whether they admit it or not) is its liberal democratic values and ideologies about tolerance. Free NHS services and other incentives such as social housing and benefits for those who need them are also sorely missed as these generally aren’t available abroad, so many often feel financial strain without them.

Despite the convenience and generosity Britain has to offer, I suggest Muslims living abroad should stay where they are and forget about permanently returning to the UK, unless you have to.  You may be thinking, ‘but Britain is my home’ and why shouldn’t I take advantage of the benefits i’m entitled to in my homeland?’.

The Counter Terrorism and Security Bill (CTS Bill) is why. It has already been passed as an act of parliament in the UK and it means that Muslims in Britain will now be subjected to even more surveillance, stop and searches, home raids, restrictions on travel, unlawful detentions and the fear of having their children taken away from them. The Home Secretary will also have the power to uproot those subject to Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures and order them to partake in case management meetings with probation staff and others.

Some of the original act has been amended, with universities now being allowed the right of freedom of expression, but the majority of the bill remains the same; oppressive and morally wrong. All those in the public sector who we ever trusted, such as, doctors, teachers, health visitors etc, can no longer be trusted. This is because they now have an obligation to spy and report Muslims based on their own reservations, without clear definitions of extremism outlined in the CTS Bill.

stb1Any Muslim caught saying or doing anything that goes against ‘British values’ could be found guilty of extremism or even terrorism for that matter. What is problematic with this bill is that it does not specify what exactly goes against so called British values, so absolutely anything that is not considered the general norm in Britain could be considered a sign of extremism, including our daily prayers or hijab.

If Britain really thought that the Muslim community segregate themselves from the rest of society, then the consequences of the CTS Bill will certainly cause division. Muslims will recoil from using public sector services out of fear of being spied on and labelled an extremist or having their children abducted by social services.

Practicing Islam in the UK will now become even more difficult. The sunnah could be seen as going against British values and in fact, any Muslim choosing to follow the sunnah including administering natural Prophetic medicines (such as black seed or honey) to their children, as opposed to pharmaceutical medicines prescribed by a doctor could be labelled extreme or effectively have their child/ children taken away from them. It’s this serious.

The whole CTS Bill is based on suspicion and unfortunately we will see more cases like that of brother Meher Msakni and his wife, who have had their children abducted by French authorities over ‘jihad suspicions’. Msakni told editor and journalist Roshan Muhammed Salih that ‘his wife was told by the authorities that he was suspected of radicalism and of having the intention of going to fight jihad in Syria.

But Msakni said he never had any such intention and was instead in Tunisia (his country of origin) preparing to move his family there because they could “no longer practise Islam in France.”’ Muslims will increasingly be found guilty without proof and the state will have a vested interest in tearing apart Muslim families.

It is for reasons such as these, why I propose Muslims living abroad and in the UK avoid the repercussions of the CTS Bill and remain away from Britain, unless it’s necessary to return. It is paramount we unite in light of the CTS Bill. Why reside in a country where it is difficult to practice Islam and why live a life of fear and uncertainty for us and our children?

For Britons who choose to remain in Britain or abroad, we must accept the CTS Act is now law, although, it is paramount we do all we can to educate others on the CTS Act 2015: Where the law stands and where we go next and to support Muslim activists in their aim to ensure these legislations do not infringe on our lives and Islam.

Muslims considering hijrah in light of the CTS Bill should also be aware, that the majority of Muslim countries take liberties concerning the oppression of Muslims, but on the other hand, most do not have legislations such as the CTS Bill, along with its mass surveillance.  It goes without saying, that we should rely on Allah in all instances, no matter where we are, although now, Muslims must be sure to ‘tie your camel’ and consider alternative options (within the law) in order to protect our deen and the future of our children.

By S. Khan

Disclaimer: All material found on 4themuslims.com is for information purposes only. The maintainers do not necessarily share any of the views expressed on 4themuslims.com or on linked sites.


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