Get Involved require volunteers in the following fields:

  • Artwork and Designing
  • Translation (from English to Arabic)
  • Media
  • Writing
  • Distribution
  • Oration
  • Research

If you would like to contribute to our work but your skills do not fall into the above categories, please contact us. Alternatively, here are some of the ways you can help our work:

  • Like and Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (
  • Respond and take part in our featured action alerts and campaigns.
  • Encourage your communities to participate by raising money and giving to the charities featured on our website and Facebook page; write to prisoners, organise and attend events and sign our featured petitions.
  • Spread the dawah wherever you can! Tell others of the true Islam and display exemplary manners and patience when dealing with Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
  •  Tell your friends, family and colleagues about via social networking sites, forums, email, text and/or word of mouth.
  • Write to prisoners. Remind them that they are not forgotten and to boost their morale. Show them that people still care and are campaigning on their behalf. Make it a particular practice to write to them on festive occasions, such as the Muslim celebration of ‘Eid. Similarly, you can show your support to the former detainees who have been scarred by their years in detention and are struggling to adjust to life on the outside, by corresponding with them and sending gifts. Sisters, please be mindful to seek the permission of your mahram (Muslim, male husband or relative) before contacting prisoners. Visit HHUGS for additional ways you can help the families of prisoners.
  • Share our articles and other educational materials. (You may copy, distribute, print, link to any document, or translate to any language without changing the meaning of the contents, as long as you place reference for and/or the original source.)
  • Inform us of any errors or misinformation you find on this site-we will make the necessary corrections.
  • Send us any articles, news items, Islamic verdicts, audio-visual material, images or details of events that we may have missed.
  • Inform us of campaigns and petitions we can include in the site.
  • Pray and supplicate for Muslims around the world, including prisoners and their families. Please take advantage of the places and times when supplication are answered such as: in prostration, in the last third of the night, in the last hour before sunset on Friday, while travelling, while fasting, during the rites of hajj and ‘umrah. We recommend observing the etiquettes of supplications to increase the likelihood of your supplications being responded to.
  • Send us your comments and suggestions-your ideas are important to us!

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