HUNGER STRIKE AT GUANTANAMO: Emergency Response & Call to Action

witnesstorture_bleachers-300x200HUNGER STRIKE AT GUANTANAMO: Emergency Response & Call to Action This is a multifaceted campaign to support the Guantanamo hunger strikers: online, in the streets, writing letters…


Most of the men in Camp 6, the largest in the Guantanamo prison complex, have been on hunger strike since February 6, 2013. After 45 days there is serious risk of cardiovascular failure. STARTING (but not ending) on the 46th day of the hungers strike, March 24, join us to support these brave men in saving their lives AND freeing them.




– SPREAD THE WORD tell all your friends that this is happening. Who would have thought that Obama would preside over mass death at Guantanamo? Many people think the prison is actually closed!


– WRITE A LETTER to at least one of the detainees at Guantanamo. Addresses, names, and instructions:



– GET IN THE PUBLIC EYE. Find a protest vigil near you:


Find out more, and more on what you can do:

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