Letter from Abu Taubah (June 2014)

As salaamu alaykum wa raHmatullah
taubahI would like to thank everyone and jazakumAllahu khayran katheeran. One of the things that makes it easier to sit here in isolation is to know that they really haven’t isolated me. Every day that I am sitting in here my memories help me. They keep me company and I want you all to know that some of the best times in my adult life have been in a classroom with you all.

A teacher gets a different sense of fulfillment than a construction worker. A construction worker can see the work that he has done by the end of the day. The teacher may never be able to see if his work came to fruition, because what he has built is not visible at the end of the day. And it is only brought out through the hardships and challenges they face later on in life. The objective of teaching is the same objective of learning. So the teacher and student have that same objective. And that is to enable the student to get along without the teacher.

I see lots of letters and I hear lots of compliments from students declaring me to be someone that they can look up to, or inspire them or help them in their deen. But in this situation, and in many situations, the students inspire the teachers. And you all are helping me in my deen. No matter what happens when they finally sentence me, my eeman has increased by you all’s response to their foolishness.

One of my teachers gave me naseehah when he found out that I was coming to America. He said that the fitna for teachers is they think they are the solution. He was warning me. Remember to point to the solution and that is belief in Allah and holding on to the sunnah of the Prophet. This is the legacy, the wasiyyah that we are passing on. AlHamdulillah. Again I thank you all for all that you continue to do especially inspiring me. Increasing my tawakall ‘alallah.
When the true believers saw the confederate forces they said: “This is what Allah and His Rasool had promised us: Allah and his Rasool were absolutely true.” This increased them all the more in their faith and their zeal in obedience
Suratul ahzaab ayah 22

Haadha walHamdulillah

Your brother Abu Taubah


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