Marriage, Divorce, Marriage, Divorce, Marriage, Divorce. The Madkhali Cycle!

By Umm Hawa

I started attending the Salafi masjid at the tender age of 15, I’ve seen and heard a lot and when I came to an age of further understanding after many years of being the “property” of the Salafi Masjid that I turned my back on them, only to be confronted with online threats (I shall explain later in this post).

Let’s start from the beginning of how I got into salafiyyah. Abu Khadeeja would send his henchmen out into Birmingham city centre to give dawah. Dawah??? LOL!!!! Yeh right!! Wallahi, I have no benefit from sitting here typing this other than to warn fellow brothers, but more specifically to warn sisters of the “dawah” these guys give. By Allah, I am not exaggerating or bending the truth here. Abu Khadeeja would send out his best bunch of black bothers to bring in the young women to their understanding of salafiyyah. The brothers he’d send out would sport gold capped teeth (removable if they really wanted to), crucifix tattoos-yes not only tattoos but tattoos of huge crucifix that weren’t hidden oh no no no they were very much in full view and it was a deliberate attempt of luring the young 15-16 year old black girls in. I’m sure we can all relate to this in our youth. The men would go for slim pretty blondes or whatever and the girls would go for the most muscular male with a six-pack, biceps etc etc, gold teeth were extra cool and we all wanted to be with a “bad boy”. This is EXACTLY how the black brothers appeared to the young females they lured. Please, before anybody thinks I’m making this up, I’m more than happy to give you the names of sisters who were lured by these black brothers, married within weeks of accepting Islam and pregnant a few weeks later only to be given a divorce for no apparent reason. These girls were left on their own whilst their ex-husbands would approach their friends and ask for their hand in marriage. Authabillah, the black brothers would then target the Asian sisters on the order of Abu Khadeeja who gave a futile so-called khutbah where he said the oldies should allow their daughters to marry blacks. Yes I agree, there is nothing wrong with that but when you send your black brothers to give dawah outside Birmingham central library and order them to specifically draw 15-16 year olds to their dawah then promise them a pious life blah blah and influence them to leave their stable family to marry you then leave them after a few weeks and marrying her friend, then leaving her and marrying another… then clearly the villain behind promoting such a disgusting practise should be questioned ie Abu Khadeeja.

This is briefly touched upon in the above link admin shared, the reference made to Abu Khadeeja “HE HAS ALWAYS ABUSED HIS POSITIONS WITH RESPECT TO MONEY AND WOMEN” is spot on. He married a Bosnian, Masha’Allah she learnt the deen, started practising, absolutely adored her husband and one day out of the blue he divorced her!! Why? Apparently because she refused to wear a nikab. Funny enough I saw her shopping in the Birmingham rag market a few days later and she was fully veiled from head to toe WITH a nikab so one can only assume he used her the way they use countless of other women they marry.

This was a huge problem in Birmingham, the salafis were marrying one, divorcing a few days later, approaching their friend, marrying them, divorcing them, passing their ex-wifes over to their friends to marry. Authabillah the black brothers then got their own biological sisters to convince the Pakistani and Afghan sisters to marry them. They’d invite them over for dinner, promote the good qualities their brother had then convince them to leave their family and marry their brother. There is absolutely nothing wrong with marrying a different race, my aunt is married to an English man and my uncle a black woman, however when you marry a Pakistani because you like the challenge of making her leave her whole family for you then clearly this is wrong. Not a fictional tale, these are real life true events that many close friends of mine suffered.

The salafi men would sit in gatherings and say “my wife does this in bed, she’s good at this…you marry her and I’ll marry yours”. AUTHABILLAH!!!!!!!! This is the very reason their nikahs were no longer performed by Green Lane masjid. Abdul Hadi would conduct their nikahs and then have to authorise a divorce the same week more often than not. Again, if one thinks this is made up fantasy then by all means contact Green Lane masjid and question why they refused to conduct the salafis nikahs from thereon in.

I myself was close to getting lured, for the sake of protecting the brothers identity I’m not going to name him (even though I have every right to). I was 16 at the time, he was 37. He started chatting to me via an online salafi forum and claimed he was interested in marriage. There was a huge age difference and I was only 16, knew very little about the deen and said no and thought that was the end of it. He on the other hand wouldn’t take no for an answer. I confided in another sister who, wait for it, was his ex-wife!!!! She told me he’d left his 1st wife to marry another, then left the other to marry another, then left her for no reason whatsoever! She questioned him but he gave her no warning or reason and just upped and left her. I was the next target but Alhamdulillah I was saved.

It’s too much to go into but to cut a long story short, he said Abu Khadeeja knows my family and that everyone knows who I am so if I speak a word to anyone about him talking the filth he did with me online then my name would be exposed.

This is Abu Khadeejas teaching for you. Threatening women, making them feel they’ve done something wrong when they don’t submit to their will and not giving up in their pursuit of new meat.

It turns out the brother wasn’t lying, Abu khadeeja did know my family, he studied with one member at Bradford uni and ever since then he’s always smirking every time he sees her. There is no lowering of any gaze whatsoever when his gaze falls on her at the masjid or the book store, something a lot of other women have complained about and I myself have noticed.

The mentioning of him “abusing his position with respect to money” in the article, well you tell me this, how does one afford the number plate ABU AK?????? (I may have not got the exact letters correct, he may have substituted the letter “b” for an 8 or something to that effect in order to conform to the legal requirements set out by the DVLA). Spending a few thousand pounds on a a futile number plate is obviously a sunnah I’ve not come across!! Then again, it doesn’t surprise me how he managed to afford such a luxury, he’d add on approx £3-£4 to every book, cassette, CD etc compared to what al-hidayah were charging. When a sister questioned him after one of the study circles about the huge difference in price he responded with “it is your duty to buy from us and support our cause”. What the heck???????? What cause??? Paying for your black brothers to get themselves tattooed even after taking the shahadah??

Please if there are any of Abu Khadeejas boys reading this right now don’t even bother responding with “liar, slanderer…blah blah” because there are so-called brothers who went to school with me whom I know very very well that to this day throw their numbers into car windows of females. Wallahi, 2 black “brothers” followed myself and 2 other sisters, we tried our best to get away and by Allah I say this, they were smiling, attempting to flirt, literally chasing us like hounds, they finally got out the car at a red light and asked for our number. This is the salafiyyah which Abu khadeejas filthy perverted dogs practise. I sincerely hope other sisters who have experienced this come forward and expose them for what they really are.

And what are they? Muslim? Well the chewing of the miswak and neat beard would suggest it. A closer look at what’s beneath their short-sleeved African style thobe makes you wonder why they’re showing off their crucifix tattoos, if its too painful to have laser removed as they argue (LOL!! how pathetic!!) they seemed to have had a high pain threshold when they had it inked into their skin. If what they say is infact the truth and it is too painful to remove via laser treatment, at least hate it in your heart, don’t deliberately sport it by wearing short sleeved garments in the winter!! Then again, how else are the 16 year olds going to fall for you unless they get a sight of your biceps??? And remove the gold cap from your front teeth. But they won’t. It’s all part of the “bad boy” image because now being a Muslim is fashionable, even Janet Jackson has apparently embraced the religion according to the news!!

I could go on and on about what I’ve experienced and what I know of these so-called salafis but I’m going to end here as I feel I’ve wrote enough to convince you that Abu Khadeeja does NOT represent true salafiyyah, nor is the brother responsible for this page exaggerating the truth or seeking attention by making lies up about the wonderful and great man Abu Khadeejah Abdul WaheedMedia

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