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AlHamdulillah wa salaam alaa man taba’a as sunnah
As for what follows
Abu Taubah campaign imageThen may Allah reward you all with good for just reading my continuous cries for help. In fact Allah has already promised to bless you all.
The famous Hadith scholar Muslim Ibn Hajjaaj reported from Abu Hurairah that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi was salam said”Whomever gives some relief to a believer from any of the worldly anxieties Allah will relieve an anxiety of his from the worries of the day of resurrection. Whomever makes it easier for a person having difficulties Allah will make things easier for him in this life and in the hereafter. And whomever acts as a shield for a Muslim in this world and the next, Allah is continuously helping the slave as long as the slave is helping his brother…”
I still need your help. Not that you all haven’t been helping, but I still need your help. First of all, I need your positive du’ah. Secondly, I need you all’s determination in achieving the objective of my defense. The objective of my defense is to prove to the court that going overseas to memorize Qur-aan has nothing to do with terrorism. Thirdly, I need you all’s determination in preventing the government from establishing a ruling that going overseas to memorize Qur-aan can be interpreted as actively promoting terrorist training and/or indoctrination. And fourth, I need funds to pay for legal research, expert witnesses and everything else associated with the second phase of my trial. For those of you who do not want to get involved out of fear of being labeled a radical, then you should study history. Reflect on the statements of Jewish survivors. One of them explained “When the Nazi movement first started we said this is foolishness. No one will fall for it. In a little time this thing will fall apart. And we did nothing. Then we said ‘They are going after the crazies and the extremists – good riddance, we didn’t need them anyway.’ And we did nothing. Then we said ‘ Look they are arresting the speakers and intellectuals, if they would have just kept quiet they would not have been targeted.’ So we kept to ourselves and just said nothing. Then they came for us, and we realized the ramifications of our inactivity, but it was too late. They had divided us systematically, picking us apart. Never again.”

JazakumAllahu khayran,
This AlHamdulillah
Abu Taubah
From inside the belly of the beast
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