Petition: Defend Free Speech at Westminster University

free spThis petition will be delivered to:
-University of Westminster
-University of Westminster Student’s Union
-LGBTI Student Society at Westminster University

British Universities must remain bastions of free speech.

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Student Islamic Societies and student Palestinian Societies are often the victims of hysteria led campaigns to sabotage their events.

The LGBTI Society at Westminster University have started a campaign to stop Westminster Student Islamic Society holding an event on University Campus because they disagree with the speakers views. To stop someone merely speaking would set a dangerous precedent.

Universities host many student societies that hold a diverse range of views. As long as speech is lawful, and does not promote criminality, British Universities must uphold the enshrined principle laid down in the Education act (1986) to promote free speech.

It is unhelpful for any group to ask for favorable treatment. Societies can only progress when different views are debated without intimidation. Universities are the best institutions to foster this.

To restrict lawful speech is far more dangerous than any views that are likely to be expressed at the event itself.

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