So called ‘happy Muslims’

happy.000The recent video ‘Happy British Muslims’ has certainly caused a stir among Muslims and on social media networks; namely for the issues surrounding music and dancing in Islam and the apparent immodesty displayed by the sisters in the video, which is clearly distasteful and unacceptable in Islam. However, these issues have been addressed by learned Muslims in the community and I wish to touch on other matters that are concerning in this video.

The actions of the public figures in the video are hardly surprising given their seemingly ‘moderate’ practice of Islam. I do not know these individuals personally, nor the level of their faith, however, I can safely say that an individual featured in the video is a Sufi, whilst some of the others openly convey their liberal views on Islam in their public speeches, charity work and mannerisms. Therefore seeing them sing and dance and declare they are ‘happy British Muslims’ isn’t shocking for me, rather it was expected.

What is somewhat shocking is our quick reaction as Muslims to write these people off as well as our failure to make excuses for them. As cringe worthy and disappointing as the video is, do we not think for a moment that perhaps these people really wanted to make a positive difference for British Muslims? Was their intention really to cause divisions among us? It’s better we give them the benefit of the doubt.

Although the aim of the video is to show the world that Muslims know how to have fun and fit in with mainstream society, it failed on many levels. I’m convinced that the majority of non-Muslims are laughing at the video and behaviour of those in it. Because even non-Muslims know that Muslims should behave modestly and how will we ever gain respect if we are willing to compromise our religion?

It is obvious that those who partook in this video failed to question the effectiveness of what it will achieve. How will it better the lives of British Muslims? How effective is the dawah? And most importantly will Allah be pleased with it? How can we profess to the world that we are ‘happy’ as British Muslims given our current situation here? Our brothers and sisters are being wrongfully imprisoned, we experience the highest rate of oppression and hate crime and our Islam is obviously under attack by the British government who continue to invade the Muslim lands and terrorise our people.

What this video has done is  prove how far some of us are willing to go to compromise our deen in return for acceptance. In order to make positive and lasting change we need to focus on effective dawah by being true to Islam and ourselves, pursuing in aid and charity work and undertaking more work within our communities.

Instead of fighting each other over what is halal and haraam, we need to educate and reason with those who are misguided and try to maintain unity among us. It is the practice of the true Islam that brings about happiness for ourselves and those around us, not singing and dancing and purporting to be happy, when clearly we are not.

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