Upcoming UK Protests: Black Lives Matter!

Upcoming UK protests: #BlackLivesMatter:

  • Friday July 8th-Southbank, London at 6.30pm
  • Saturday July 9th-Bullring, Birmingham 12pm
  • Sunday July 10th-Oxford Circus, London 10am
  • Monday July 11th-Alexandra Park, Manchester at 6pm
  • Saturday August 6th -Southwark Park, London at 2pm

*Brothers and sisters wishing to attend these protests are advised to avoid displaying aggressive and boisterousnbehaviour that will contradict Islam and show Muslims in a negative light. Please also be vigilant and safe at the protests. Sisters are advised to be accompanied by a male mahram (guardian) for safety and protection. Please share and keep our oppressed Black African American brothers and sisters in faith and humanity in your duas. BarakAllahu feekum.


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